Who we are

We’re a customer experience and training consultancy who helps humanise the way organisations solve problems, treat their customers and engage with their colleagues along the way.

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What do we believe?

Treat people like human beings and you get better results.

That goes for how you communicate, treat customers and colleagues, design your service and fix things when they go wrong.

What is human-centred thinking?

Understanding how people behave, what drives them and starting with what matters to them.

Human-centred thinking treats people like people, not machines. It helps you see your customers and teams as both rational and emotional. It avoids the disjoint that happens when people get treated like numbers on a spreadsheet and organisations forget what it feels like to be human.

It’s about recognising that, when it comes to your customers and colleagues, a little humanity can go a long way.

We take a holistic approach that combines aspects of design thinking, behavioural psychology, system design and plain old common sense.

It means:

Enabling and empowering people so that cultural and organisational change is done with them, not to them.

A human, empathetic approach to customer experience that starts with what matters most to your users.

Simpler, less robotic and more effective customer communication that shows customers you genuinely care about them.

Harnessing the potential of service teams with the right skills, tools and perspective so help them be the heroes they can be.

Being human when things go wrong – turning customer complaints into a valuable engine of change.

How do we approach change?

Start with what matters.

Strip away the unnecessary complications, address the politics and the layers that build up over time and start with what matters to customers and teams.

Navigate the complexity that prevents change.

Because people don’t work in straight lines, they make things complex, so we find ways to let them talk about change and understand why it’s happening. We look at what’s in it for them. And we try to listen more than we talk. 

Always focus on people.

We never forget that there’s a human being at the end of every decision, action or service. We make them a part of the solution by working with them whether they’re in the boardroom or your callcentre.