Apply human-centred thinking to the way you lead, inspire and coach your teams. Supporting leaders to create high-performance, human-centred environments.

Helping high-performers to create a human-centred environment

The culture at the top of your organisation will affect everything else – from how your services are delivered to how the teams around you interact, solve problems and behave towards one another. We can work with your leadership community to create a healthy, human-centred leadership culture that makes the most of your strengths.

Human-centred thinking – leadership programme

Our leadership programme is designed for leaders who want to find ways to work well together, establish a common vision and play to each others strengths in getting there. There’s no “perfect” leadership style and different personalities can work well in different situations – but working effectively as a team will always reap benefits and create a ripple effect across your business.

We don’t have a one-size-fits all approach to leadership programmes. Instead we’ll work with you to analyse and develop an approach best suits to your team, the dynamic and the pressures and priorities you face.

“Best self” leadership

Strength-focused: We believe it’s more effective to focus on improving and mastering strengths than trying to overcome any perceived weaknesses. Our approach is about understanding where and how your strengths work best and developing strategies to make the most of them.

Ripple effect: Part of effective leadership is understanding the impact your implicit and explicit behaviours have on the teams around you. Emotional intelligence and self-reflection are effective tools in understanding the positive and negative ripple effect you create.

Cohesive focus

Defining a shared vision: Conflicting priorities, perspectives and attitudes can derail a leadership team – encouraging silos and factions. Defining a shared vision, aligned to wider corporate strategy, that can unite everyone is an effective way of removing these barriers.

Team dynamics: Leaders tend to already be high achievers with a track record of success – but a group of great individuals doesn’t always make a great team. Part of our programme is exploring how you work best as a group and explore ways to compliment one another for the best outcomes.

Human-centred outcomes

Aligned outcomes: Unnecessary friction is created and effort wasted when leaders are pulling in different directions. Our programme helps you establish actionable, measurable outcomes you can all agree on – and focus on tangible results.

Decision making: The way leadership teams make decisions impacts how smoothly an organisation functions, and how easy it is for your teams to do their jobs. We can help you agree an approach that gives the important stuff the time it deserver but delegates and empowers your teams to make the best decision in the moment.

Empowering teams

Coaching tools: Great leaders empower their teams through support, encouragement and guidance. They’re able to impart wisdom while still allowing managers to navigate problems their own way. Coaching tools are an excellent asset for any leader, and help build resilience and courage in their managers and teams.

Leadership and management: If leaders are too immersed in day to day management they’ll lose sight of their strategic role. This also tends to paralyse effective managers from taking your vision forward – exacerbating the situation. Creating the confidence to let go and allow teams to function effectively, while establishing clear roles and responsibility, is an effective way of empowering your teams and freeing up your time to focus on the bigger picture.

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