Team Performance & Perspective

Enabling teams to be their best with a human-centred perspective

Get your team aligned behind a common purpose, trust each other enough to be vulnerable and create stronger relationships with the people and departments they rely on.

Team performance workshops

Sessions designed to align your teams around what really matters and self-reflect – taking personal and collective accountability for the success of what they do.

Every team has its own group dynamics, skill sets and personality traits. These all play an important part in how effectively that team functions – along with the level of respect and emotional intelligence teammates show one another.

Define a common purpose: Teams with a common purpose, or their “why”, are more aligned, take less time to make decisions and report greater clarity on their role within an organisation. Helping your team define and capture the why behind their work is an effective

Clarity of direction: Getting teams involved in developing their own vision helps create clarity on where they’re going, why and how this can benefit the organisation as a whole. It also helps to, collaboratively, establish goals and key outcomes to hold each other to account.

Wider impact: Some teams struggle to see the wider impact their work, attitude and behaviour have on their organisation. Bringing this reality to the forefront can help teams to see how their work benefits others and reassure them of their own value. Presenting teams with the positive and negative ways the impact the business can help they establish better ways of working and reality check how they work now.

Building trust and honesty: The most effective teams trust each other enough so they can be show vulnerability. This means the ability to fail without persecution, take calculated risk while being supported and suggest divergent views without fear of consequence. Team members who demonstrate sufficient respect for one another to explore ideas and solutions also find work more engaging and tend to find more creative ways of solving problems.

Think human

How human-centred thinking can improve performance, create greater ownership and improve relationships.

Common purpose

Human-centred thinking helps teams get behind a common purpose. Build teamwork based on trust and respect.

Bespoke and customised

Based on fundamental truths but customised to your teams unique pressures and perspective.

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