Human communication across all your customer touchpoints

Customer Communication

We create clear, simple and human customer communication that’s easier to understand and act on. We’re specialists at transforming the operational, service, administrative and post-sale content you send to customers.

customer communication
Updated for 2024

Try our Think Human Writing Course

Online and self-directed writing course for teams and individuals. 30 years of experience – condensed into one, online course. 5 hours of video, 33 unique lessons, 45+ video guides.

Every touchpoint matters. We create clear, simple and effective customer communication that’s easy to understand, sounds human and helps customers act on it when needed.

We’re specialists in transforming the operational, service, administrative and post-sale content you send to customers. We work across all your communication channels – enhancing and improving every touchpoint.

Customer Communication for Human-Centred Businesses

We’ve helped all sorts of human-centred brands improve how they communicate with their customers – across app, email, CRM and in writing.

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Working across all areas of customer communication

We have extensive experience in working on almost all aspects of post-sale and in-life customer communication. Every touchpoint counts and, from welcome to renewal, we can support in you creating clear, human and engaging customer communication.

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Communication Skill Training

Customer Communication Training

Our communication skills training is designed to empower service teams and help them hone their communication skills. Build confidence, increase emotional intelligence, improve relationships and get things done more smoothly.

For when you want to empower your teams or organisation with a new set of communication skills to improve customer, stakeholder and team relationships.

How our communication training can help your teams

Customer Communication Skills Training Course

Our completely customisable, customer-focused communication skills courses. Built on our Think Human model, it combines key communication skills with practical psychological approaches to enhance how you write, speak and communicate with customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

As with all our courses, it can be run remotely or face-to-face and customised to fit your teams specifically.

Customer Service Communication Skills Training

Tone of Voice for Writing to Customers

It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it. Tone of voice is one of the most underutilised but important aspects of writing to customers. It has the potential to enhance or destroy relationships and it is often hard to get right in written material. This course is designed to help teams master their tone of voice and use it to build relationships with customers and colleagues.

Tone of voice training customer service

Live Labs – Real Time Document Editing

A new twist on a day’s training. We’ll work with your team to work on real, live documents they’re working on and apply our human-centred thinking. They’ll get to learn while doing and you’ll get a suite of material you can use straight away at the end of the day. We’ve run Live Labs for customer service teams, technical teams, HR teams, Legal teams, IT teams and so many more.

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Communication Skills Training Modules & Micro-learning

Need bite-sized content to use in your LMS or share with your teams as part of their continuous improvement? We have a library of communication skills modules we’ll customise and develop for you. Easy to use and highly practical training content and micro-learning.

Get in touch and we’ll send you more information.

Bespoke Online Communication Skills Course

We act as your learning content developer. Combining our skills with practical, real-life examples and a human-centred approach to communication.

A course you can use again and again, with your existing teams and every new starter. Get everyone “thinking human” when they communicate.

Communication Skills Tools

Tools for enhancing Communication Skills

We have a suite of engaging and thought-provoking tools you can use across your organisation. Use them as they are or have us customise them for you and your teams. 

Service Team Online Learning Learning journal

For when you want to refresh or improve your existing learning tools and create a suite of human-centred, communication focused exercises and tools for teams to use.

How it works

Choose tools from our selection

We have a wide range of communication skill tools you can choose from. All built from our years of experience.

Customise for your team

If you’d like, we can take our base tools and customise them for your team and sector, adding real examples.

Launch with your teams

We’ll build a launch event to run through the tools with your teams, or a drip feed campaign over a few weeks.

Some of our most popular communication skills tools

Pick and choose the tools you want, or have us develop your own suite

Customer Communication Skills Active Listening Think Human

Effective, Active Listening

Master the most undervalued but important skill in communication. The power to listen.

Customer Communication Skills Emotional Control Think Human 1

Emotional control

Learn to understand the importance and value of emotion in communication and how to use it well.

Customer Communication Skills NLP in Communication Think Human 2

NLP in communication

A practical way of using basic NLP skills at work for your customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

Customer Communication Skills Influencing Skills Think Human 3

Influencing Skills

How to influence effectively with core communication skills.

Customer Communication Skills Collaborating Think Human 4

Collaborating effectively

Communication skills to improve collaboration with teams and customers.

Customer Communication Skills Report Writing Think Human 5

Better report writing

Useful approaches to develop effective reporting.

Customer Communication Libraries

Customer Communication Libraries & Templates

Organisations build up a vast array of communication libraries – both customer-facing and internal. We review, streamline and improve messaging across these communication touchpoints.

Partner with Think Human to review your current communication libraries, streamline your existing content and improve the messaging you’re delivering to customers.

Where we can help

Every client is different, but these are the areas we work in most often. Don’t see what you’re after – ask us.

Tone of voice communication

Less robotic, more human tone. Create a consistent, human-centred tone across your organisation.

Customer service communication

Reflect reality and put a human face on the communication from your customer care department.

In-life customer communication

Reflect reality and put a human face on the communication from your customer care department.

Operational communication

Turn your forgotten touchpoints into powerful points of difference.

App & CRM communication

Uncover the hidden value in turning your app and CRM communication human.

Knowledge-based comms

Information is nothing without understanding. Clear knowledge for internal teams and customers.

Transforming every touchpoint to make it clear, simple and human

Copywriting communication 1
Copywriting experts

Over 40 years experience from senior writing consultants.

Bottom Up Engagment Programme 1
Information design

Specialists in conveying information clearly

Behavioural psychology in communication
Behavioural psychology

The drivers that influence how your customers respond to you.

Customer Service Templates

Turn your customer service written templates into brand-aligned, human and helpful material. We’ll simplify and streamline your template archives, write more engaging and simpler material – then train your teams to start using them.

Financial and Debt Recovery Templates

Turn your financial and debt-based templates into clear, actionable and human-sounding material. We’re able to reduce complaints and increase debt recovery by making your written communication sound less intimidating, more action-focused and increase the likelihood of customers doing what you ask.

Customer communication projects

Communication projects we’ve worked on recently.

Think we can help?

If you’re exploring a customer communication project drop us a note to see how we can help.