Customer Service Communication

Supporting customer service teams with better content libraries, templates and responses.

Customer service departments often use vast libraries of letters, templates and emails to handle customer queries. All too often these libraries are outdated, ineffective and cause more noise than they solve. Customer services teams are communicating with customers every day. Letter libraries, email templates, live chat responses and social media material – it all counts towards how your customers experience your brand. We work alongside teams to refine, improve and simplify the customer communication they use.

We develop content for customer service teams to help have better conversations with customers and train teams with the soft skills they need to write and communicate effectively across all channels. We also support you in creating user-friendly communication across all your self-service channels.

Letter & Email Templates: From standard responses through to key customer information – we develop content templates that reduces queries and simplify relationships.

FAQ & Knowledge Bases: Customer-centric, clear content for all your self-service channels – getting your customers to the answers they need faster, and freeing up your care teams.

Customer Service Training: Specialist customer service training for teams to improve communication skills and manage new channels confidently.

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