Tone of voice development focused on creating a tone that fits your customers.

We work with businesses who want to make their customer communications more memorable, easier to understand and act on. Every touchpoint along their journey has the ability to make their lives easier, reduce confusion and prevent irritation. We’re specialists at transforming the operational, administrative and post-sale content you send to customers.

Tone of voice

It’s not just what you say. It’s how you say it. It’s the difference between writing: “Subject to the terms of your lease the payment must be sent by Friday or you will be subject to action” and “Your payment is three weeks overdue. You need to clear your debt by Friday or, reluctantly, we’ll need to take action. If you need help paying…” But, in the end, it’s simply about sounding human, helpful and focused on how your customer is feeling.

Create your tone of voice

Building an authentic brand voice at every touchpoint. Brand language and tone of voice development that runs through the whole customer journey.

We can help you develop a business-wide tone of voice that moves beyond a a simple set of adjectives. By understanding where you are now, what your customers expect and the kind of organisation you want to be we’ll design a new way for you to communicate internally and to your customers. We work with you to define your written and spoken tone of voice, build a distinctive brand language that differentiates you and, most importantly, embed it in every single touchpoint throughout your organisation.

Start with your customers: Understand how your customers want to be communicated with, where they get frustrated and what your current tone says about how they see you. We’ll build a clear picture of the reality using examples, customer feedback and internal comms analysis to create a “current state” and a clear idea of where you need to get to.

Designing a new tone: We’ll define your “reason to change” and back it with customer and colleague feedback. Working alongside you and a selection of key stakeholders (ideally including front line teams and customers) we’ll create a tone thats simple to apply but makes you sound like the organisation you want to be. We work with you to define your own unique tone of voice, and translated it across all your customer touchpoints. Creating consistency across your post-sales customer journeys.

Roadtesting & testing: How quickly can a customer understand you bill? What’s their response to a overdue account email? What do they think your like based on your reminder emails? These are the sorts of question we’ll explore in roadtesting – a way to practixally access what customers and colleagues think. It also gives you the evidence to

Applying your tone: We find a new tone gets adopted best when colleagues can see it used in practice. not just in marketing but in your operational and day to day communication with customers. We humanise all your customer comms material – from digital to white mail – including social media. Helping you create a brand tone throughout all your content.

Operationalising your tone of voice

Ensuring that you sound the same throughout all your operational and service based customer communication.

Very often you’ll already have a tone of voice. Maybe it was part of a rebrand or it’s a legacy from previous branding work. But often, this tone isn’t carried out into your operational and service customer communication. That creates a disjoint between what customers see before and after they’ve bought. We can support in reviewing and improving the operational and service touchpoints that often get overlooked.

Operationalising your tone: From our experience the first step is to translate your tone into a practical, operational format. How do you use “playful” in a debt recovery letter, for example. Turning your existing tone of voice into a range of practical, simple and usable guidance. We’ll help you make it real and useable for teams who often struggle to make tone of voice real in their day-to-day work – like front line team, customer care finance, IT and legal.

Triage and review your operational comms: When you have a huge suite of material, sometimes extending over several departments, it’s a nightmare knowing where to start to rationalise it. We’re experts at gathering everything together, objectively scoring it and giving you recommendations of where to start – as well as defusing the real comms landmines.  And we can give you back simplified, easy to use (for you and your customers), human suites of touchpoints.

Practical training to make your tone of voice real

Championing a new way of communicating that moves your tone of voice from paper to reality

Tone of voice is often the preserve of brand and marketing specialists. But what about the people in your organisation who have to communicate with customers every day? The people who respond to customer complaints, who draft bills and answer customer questions? Give them a practical brand tone they can work with. We train your customer-focused teams with the skills they need to create their own material – and start using your tone of voice effectively.

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