A human-centred approach to managing customer complaints

Customer Complaints Services & Training

Empowering your complaints teams with the tools, templates and training to make customer complaints a valuable way to add value to your service.

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We help you create an effortless customer complaint experience.

We do it through empowering training for your complaint teams, useful tools to manage complaints and human-centred templates for common complaint issues.

To support your complaint heroes, we help you build the foundations for a great complaint experience by designing a considered complaint journey, underpinned by clear process, human policy and a customer-focused procedure.

You’re in good company

We’ve helped transform the complaints experience for human-centred brands like these

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A human approach to improving customer complaints

We apply our human-centred approach to customer complaints. Empowering teams, streamlining process and enhancing the experience your customers get.

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Complaint Training

Customer Complaint Training

Empower your teams with the resilience, perspective and tools to handle customer complaints effectively.

Partner with Think Human for when you want empowering, engaging and practical training for your complaint teams. Complaint training designed to build a new perspective on how to manage and handle complaints.

Here’s where we can help

Customer Complaint Training Course

Our definitive training course for customer complaint teams. Packed full of ideas, insight and practical tools to help your teams manage and handle complaints effectively

Customer Complaint Handling Training Course

Complaint Training Modules & Micro-learning

We have a library of bitesized, complaint training modules you can use with your teams or build into your existing LMS. We can produce bitesized modules specifically for your team and sector.

Get in touch and we’ll send you more information.

Bespoke Online Complaint Course

We’ll create an online complaints training course just for you and your teams. We can build it in whatever software fits you, or have us host it for you.

Get a consistent, engaging course you can get all your new starters (and existing teams) to take – customised to your needs and combined with our years of experience.

Complaint Tools

Customer Complaint Tools

We’ve developed a series of tools for your complaint teams. Helpful, practical tools that you can use to support teams to manage complaints effectively and deliver a consistently high experience.

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We’ll develop tools that help your teams deliver a consistent, effective and customer-centric complaint experience. Partner with Think Human to develop of suite of tools you can use across your team.

How it works

Choose tools from our selection

We have a wide range of complaint handling tools you can choose from. All built from our years of experience.

Customise for your team

If you’d like, we can take our base tools and customise them for your team and sector, adding real examples.

Launch with your teams

We’ll build a launch event to run through the tools with your teams, or a drip feed campaign over a few weeks.

Some of our most popular complaint tools

Pick and choose the tools you want, or have us develop your own suite

Managing Conflict Conflict Strategy Theory Think Human 1

Responding to a complaint

Effective ways to respond to complaints to balance the emotional, practical and give customers what they’re asking for.

Managing Conflict Conflict Strategy Theory Think Human 2

5 ways to deescalate

How to de-escalate a difficult situation, calm an angry customer and start to rebuild relationships through active empathy.

Managing Conflict Conflict Strategy Theory Think Human

Using the 5 conflict styles

How to use the 5 conflict styles, choose the best one for each situation and build a conflict strategy that works for your team.

Managing Conflict Conflict Strategy Theory Think Human 3

15 minute resilience reset

When things are getting overwhelming or you need to reset – follow this 15 minute reset to regain balance and feel calmer.

Managing Conflict Conflict Strategy Theory Think Human 4

3 writing hacks for complaints

3 simple, but highly effective things you can do with your writing to avoid escalation and keep customers on-side.

Managing Conflict Conflict Strategy Theory Think Human 5

Saying no nicely (and effectively)

How to say no to customers in an effective, professional way that reduces the likelihood of issues or further escalation.

Complaint Templates

Customer Complaint Templates & Frameworks

We’ve taken our 20 years of experience in complaint transformation and build a series of templates you can use to enhance your own complaint experience.

Complaints Process

A simple but effective complaint process that we can customise to fit your needs. It’s been built from work with a range sectors and aims to keep the complaint’s process streamlined, customer-focused and aimed on co-creating an mutually just output.

Complaints Procedure

A complaint procedure that’s less about acres of stuffy working and more about achieving resolutions quickly, effectively and with the minimum of customer effort. We’ll customise it with you to fit your needs and existing process.

Complaints Policy

Designed to be used in customer-facing situations (;like your website). A clear, visual and simply-worded promise to customers on the experience they’ll have with you when they complain. Focuses on the things customers say matter the most to them.

Complaints Journey

Treat your complaint experience like any other customer journey. Understand the stages, the value created at each and avoid common pain points. Our customer complaint journey template has been built from years of experience in what to do (and what not to). We’ll customise it to fit your needs.

Complaints Outcome Analysis

A holistic way to measure the outcomes of complaints so you can give customers what they actually want and develop less financially-driven outcomes.