Customer Experience Strategy

Customer experience strategy and vision planning that puts your customers at its heart and grounds your ideas in a human-centred perspective.


Distill what really matters to your customers into a simple, authentic vision.


Develop a strategy that engages your teams so they feel part of.


Implement in a way that fits the needs of your organisation and customers.

Customer experience strategy based in a human approach to customers

It’s no secret that customer experience is the new frontier for organisations wanting to increase customer loyalty, improve satisfaction and reduce churn. But it can often be complex to turn a plan into action – technological restraints, cross-departmental challenges and shifting business priorities can make turning vision your into reality difficult. We can help you navigate the common pitfalls, engage people in the journey and find creative solutions to delivering the kind of experience your customers deserve.

Building a picture of what could be better

What does it feel like for a customer to use your service? How does it compare to your competitors? How do you want your service to stand apart from anyone else? What are the little things that help or hinder the experience?

We support you in making your customer-centric vision a reality. Designing simpler, more effortless experiences to engage with your customers. We help you to define, design and implement a strategy that make you simpler to deal with, more human and more focused on customers. You’ll find departments that have been siloed for years working together and everyone asking “what’s best for the customer?” A human-centred vision for your business.

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Create a clear, customer-centric vision

Building a compelling reason to change – starting with what really matters to your customers

We can help you develop a vision that makes sense to the whole organisation. Rooted in what matters to customers we’ll develop a compelling “reason to change” that highlights the benefits and possibilities of changing how you deliver your service.

Telling a customer-focused story: We can craft a narrative that explains why your vision matters and how it can help in improving the way customers experience your service. Through analysing and interpreting your existing customer feedback, or conducting our own Voice of the Customer Programme, we’ll build a clear picture of what your customers want, where you could improve and what that could mean for

Getting stakeholder buy-in and managing resistance: We’ll help you gauge and navigate your organisation’s appetite for change, and highlight the impact of not changing. We’ll help stakeholders see “outside in” – making it clear how customers perceive you and what that means for customer satisfaction (and the bottom line). We can help you navigate some of the common blockers and concerns to change and highlight the importance of a “one team” approach to customer experience where silos matter less that delivering the service your customers deserve.

Getting teams onboard: Getting buy in from teams, particularly front-lines, is essential in making your vision a success. Very often, improvements to your customer experience can have a beneficial impact on teams. Reductions in repeat calls, fewer irritated customers, less complaints and lower effort. We can build a series of user cases that highlight the impact of poor customer experience on your teams, and the potential impact a better customer experience could have.

Defining outcome and the impact of not changing: It’s a cliche to say that the only constant is change, but it’s also true. By highlighting the impact of doing nothing we can demonstrate the value in your customer-focused change. This also gives you a set of definable, measurable outcomes you can follow as you begin your change initiative.

Setting a way forward: Developing a route map is essential to giving your vision focus and direction. How will you know when you’ve achieve your vision? What will it look like for customers and colleagues? We can develop a clearly defined route map to support the change – aligning it with operational and technology changes.

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Where you are today and where you want to be

Understanding where you are today

If your experience is disparate, owned by multiple departments and often doesn’t offer a “joined-up” brand experience for customers, we can help. We benchmark and improve your customer experience to uncover issues and highlight areas to focus on.

Our benchmarking gives a backbone for a robust overall customer experience strategy. We use objective assessment tools to diagnose the problems, build more robust processes and benchmark your tactics against industry best practice.

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Why putting customers is good for business

Our approach to customer experience strategy removes the common issues with a project of this scope. At the same time we have seen real and sustainable results in customer engagement, complaints, NPS and voice of the customer feedback.

Significant cost savings: Because we can rationalise service and reduce churn the your customers gain simplicity and you save budget.

Avoiding crisis: Our audits uncover – and de-fuse – customer landmines that land you in social media trouble.

Brand alignment: Making sure your brand tone is firmly embedded with your teams and runs through the whole business.

Increase loyalty: As your comms become more human and easier to understand, customers become more loyal.

Effective communication: You get a sound foundation to start developing new communication that works for your customers.

Scalable insight: Objective scoring of communications means teams understand and get on board fast. No more silos.

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Customer experience strategy that builds a bridge between you and your customers.

Building a customer experience strategy needs vision and the tools to implement. We help you develop a game plan that creates new ways of engaging and delighting your customers. Building sustainable engagement with your internal teams. From planning through to delivery, we work alongside you in shaping a vision for customer success.

Strategic planning: Developing a sustainable vision for improvement that aligns with your business strategy and creates a sustainable framework for improvement.

Customer understanding: Understanding the needs of your customers through research, analysis and customer feedback – and developing new approaches to engage with them.

Internal engagement: Building internal buy-in through engagement and cultural change programmes. Get your teams on-board and build advocacy through customer empathy.

Customer experience is not the preserve of one department, or a single person – it is a continuous pursuit for improvement across an entire organisation. We recognise this, and the potential issues and huge opportunities. We support businesses in navigating their way toward continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.

Our team apply lean best practice to managing your project – working with you to make sure stakeholders are engaged and buy in.

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