Service Design Services

Service design thinking that puts a human-centred approach at the heart of your service.


Design thinking applied – empower your teams with a new set of skills.


Trial and test new ways of delivering your service – grounded in what customers want.


Design and deliver new ways of delivering your service and enhancing customer experience.

Design thinking that creates better services

Service design and blueprinting is a way of turning your journeys into workable blueprints to test, refine and implement. It’s a holistic, behaviour driven way of looking at your services from a new perspective. It combines design thinking with operational, service and user based tools to find new ways to deliver your service. Although it’s often associated with app development and user experience it’s useful in virtually any change problem that involves rethinking things from the user or customers perspective.

Developing new, engaging ways to deliver your service

Using what matters to customers to drive what we do

At the heart of service blueprinting is defining and unpacking where your customers see value. This currency is how you’ll benchmark and measure success as you develop your service blueprint. It’s likely you’ll already have a clear idea of this value from customer journey mapping, customer insight and shadowing/interviews with customers.

Core proposition: Defining your customer value into a single, core proposition is helpful because it gives your working group a target to aim towards and should feature in your decision matrix. Another way to look at the proposition is it’s the “real problem” you’re trying to solve. If you’ve ever tried the 5 whys exercise you’ll know how valuable it is to get to the crux of the issue so you can focus on the real issue.

Key triggers: As part of your initial research you’ll also have a set of characteristics your customers have said they want in your service. Whether that’s ease, less/more detail, quicker responses, less steps to get what they want. Use these characteristics to test and benchmark different parts of the service – and help make decisions about the most effective way to deliver on them.

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Service design services that bring real insight

Understanding what it’s like to be a customer and what matters most

All of these approaches are designed to do one thing – truly understand what it’s like to be a customer experiencing your service. They’re useful because they enable you to get far closer to the reality of what it actually feels like for customers. Shadowing customers also helps you get under the skin of the more nuanced interactions customers have with you.

Behaviour focused: The critical difference between this type of insight is it’s focused on how people behave in the real world. That could be usability of a website, or how quickly someone can understand your bill, or get to the right person on the ‘phone. It’s designed to give you clear insight into how easy it is for customers to interact with you and what this means for their behaviour.

User cases: Shadowing allows you to develop user cases to stress test changes against. You may have already developed these in journey mapping – they’re your

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Linking your operational models to customer value

You’ve already designed your optimal journey, worked out at each stage what’s most important to customers and you have a clear idea of how this will improve experience. Now it’s time to start implementing internally.

We can help you develop operational models that align to your service improvement plans, and engage teams in the process.

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