Empowering customer care heroes with human-centered, customer service training

Customer Service Training

Customer service training designed to empower your customer service heroes. Focused on empowering your teams with the confidence and skills to have authentic, effective and human-to-human conversations with your customers.

Customer Service Training
Updated for 2024

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We design, build and run empowering customer service training programmes to help your teams make every interaction count.

We do it through engaging, customised customer service training, combined with thought-provoking, transformative customer service tools to keep the learning alive.

Customer Service Training for your Customer Care Heroes

We’ve helped empower customer service teams for human-centred brands like these.

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A human approach to customer service training

We know supporting customers can be a demanding job and isn’t always easy – which means the more you can enable your teams to better they can focus on excellent customer care.

Our customer service training is based on this principle. Give teams the best possible chance of delivering an excellent experience with the right tools, techniques, guidance and support.

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Customer Service Training

Engaging Customer Service Training

We work with our clients to create engaging, relevant and empowering customer service training. Supporting your customer-care heroes to give your customers the experience they deserve.

Partner with Think Human for when you want empowering, engaging and practical training for your customer service teams. Customer service training designed to build a new perspective on how to care for customers.

Customer Service Training Courses Include:

Tone of voice training customer service

Tone of Voice Training

Course Overview A human-centred tone of voice for customer-facing teams How you customer care heroes sound (in what they say, ...
Customer Service Communication Skills Training

Customer Service Communication Skills Training

Course overview Customer service communication skills training to empower your service teams This course will give your teams a solid ...
Live Chat Training Customer Service

Live Chat Training for Customer Support

Course Overview Human-centred live chat training that empowers your care heroes Bespoke live chat training for customer support and technical ...
Customer service email training

Customer Service Email Training

Course Overview Emails that sound human, are easy to understand and make the right impression Human-centred customer service email training ...
Customer Complaint Handling Training Course

Customer Complaint Handling Training Course

Course Overview Smoother, more human customer complaint handling Customer complaint handling training that empowers your team to handle complaints with ...
Writing Skills for Customer Service

Writing Skills Training for Customer Service

Course Overview A writing course designed to empower your service heroes. Give them the skills to write to customers in ...
Customer Service Excellence Training Course

Human-Centred Service Excellence Training

Course Overview A human-centred approach to customer service A results-driven course to help your service heroes deliver customer service excellence ...
Customer Service Management Training Course

Customer Service Manager Training Course

Course Overview Empowering customer service manager training with a human-centred approach A customer service manager training course that support your ...
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Training Programmes

Our training and mentoring programmes mean your teams stay up-to-date and refreshed with new insight and approaches. Built to fit around them.

Behavioural psychology in communication

E-Learning & Digital

We retain an ever-expanding knowledge base of best practice, training tools and support networks. Easily accessible online through our knowledge toolbox portal.

Behavioural psychology in communication

Bespoke Training Courses

Courses designed to train your teams with the skills and confidence to deliver excellence across all your communication channels.

We can also develop

Customer Service Modules & Micro-learning

We have a library of bitesized, customer service training modules you can use with your teams or build into your existing LMS. We can produce bitesized modules specifically for your team and sector.

Get in touch and we’ll send you more information.

Bespoke Online Customer Service Course

We’ll create an online customer service training course just for you and your teams. We can build it in whatever software fits you, or have us host it for you.

Get a consistent, engaging course for your existing teams and all new starters – customised to your needs and combined with our years of experience.

Why people choose our customer service training

Totally bespoke training

All our customer service training programmes are bespoke which means we’ll build the course to fit the exact needs and skill gaps of your teams. We’d generally start with a co-design session where we can build the course content with you and hopefully get to meet the teams too.

We’ll include examples and situations that are directly relevant to your teams so the training is practical and immediately implementable. From our experience this means teams can walk out of our training session and begin using what they’ve learnt straight away.

Run by practitioners

All our customer service training programmes are bespoke which means we’ll build the course to fit the exact needs and skill gaps of your teams. We’d generally start with a co-design session where we can build the course content with you and hopefully get to meet the teams too.

We’ll include examples and situations that are directly relevant to your teams so the training is practical and immediately implementable. From our experience this means teams can walk out of our training session and begin using what they’ve learnt straight away.

Live review clinics

Because we use specialists we’re also able to offer live “clinics” where the trainer and team can look at real-life examples and work on them together to improve and refine what they’re writing.

We’ve found this approach to be immensely useful as it gives everyone the chance to jointly build better responses and learn while they’re doing it. This can also be cross-channel – we do it across print mail, email, live chat and even social if needed.

Customer Service Tools

Customer Service Tools

We’ve developed a series of tools for your customer service teams. Helpful, practical tools that you can use to support teams to manage customer care effectively and deliver a consistently high experience.

Service Team Online Learning Learning journal

We’ll develop tools that help your teams deliver a consistent, effective and customer-centric service experience. Partner with Think Human to develop of suite of tools you can use across your team.

How it works

Choose tools from our selection

We have a wide range of customer service tools you can choose from. All built from our years of experience.

Customise for your team

If you’d like, we can take our base tools and customise them for your team and sector, adding real examples.

Launch with your teams

We’ll build a launch event to run through the tools with your teams, or a drip feed campaign over a few weeks.

Some of our most popular customer service tools

Pick and choose the tools you want, or have us develop your own suite

Managing Conflict Conflict Strategy Theory Think Human 1

Responding to a complaint

Effective ways to respond to complaints to balance the emotional, practical and give customers what they’re asking for.

Managing Conflict Conflict Strategy Theory Think Human 2

5 ways to deescalate

How to de-escalate a difficult situation, calm an angry customer and start to rebuild relationships through active empathy.

Managing Conflict Conflict Strategy Theory Think Human

Using the 5 conflict styles

How to use the 5 conflict styles, choose the best one for each situation and build a conflict strategy that works for your team.

Managing Conflict Conflict Strategy Theory Think Human 3

15 minute resilience reset

When things are getting overwhelming or you need to reset – follow this 15 minute reset to regain balance and feel calmer.

Managing Conflict Conflict Strategy Theory Think Human 4

3 writing hacks for complaints

3 simple, but highly effective things you can do with your writing to avoid escalation and keep customers on-side.

Managing Conflict Conflict Strategy Theory Think Human 5

Saying no nicely (and effectively)

How to say no to customers in an effective, professional way that reduces the likelihood of issues or further escalation.

Customer Service Templates

Customer Service Templates

We’ve taken our 20 years of experience in customer service transformation and built a series of templates you can use to enhance your own customer service.

Customer service training programmes that fits around your business, teams and customers

Training needs to fit around your business, customers and be delivered in the way that fits your teams.

That’s why we offer our training through a range of different approaches. We can train teams directly, support learning and development teams to train themselves or enrol teams in an online eLearning programme. The same great content delivered in a way that suits you.

Ready made or bespoke customer service training programmes

We have a range of our most popular customer service courses that are ready to deploy straight away, or if you have a specific set of needs we can build a bespoke programme just for your teams. Our background in large scale customer experience improvement programmes means we can bring up-to-date best practice to our courses – enabling your customer service teams to learn from industry leaders and new approaches.

Recently, we’ve run these bespoke customer service training programmes:

Customer Service Process

A simple but effective customer service process that we can customise to fit your needs. It’s been built from work with a range sectors and aims to keep the customer service’s process streamlined, customer-focused and aimed on solving problems quickly and effectively.

Customer Service Procedure

Customer Service procedure that’s less about acres of stuffy wording and more about achieving resolutions quickly, effectively and with the minimum of customer effort. We’ll customise it with you to fit your needs and existing process.

Customer Service Policy

Designed to be used in customer-facing situations (such as your website). A clear, visual and simply-worded promise to customers on the experience they’ll have with you when they complain. Focuses on the things customers say matter the most to them.

Customer Service Journey

Treat your customer service experience like any other customer journey. Understand the stages, the value created at each and avoid common pain points. Our customer service journey template has been built from years of experience in what to do (and what not to). We’ll customise it to fit your needs.

Customer Service Outcome Analysis

A holistic way to measure the outcomes of complaints so you can give customers what they actually want and develop less financially-driven outcomes.

Communication as a tool in better customer relationships: Reframing the value of communication as a tool to solve problems and improve relationships with customers. Building confidence with customer care teams to communicate more effectively with customers across email, social media, live chat and on the ‘phone.

The art of listening – active listening in customer care: How to use verbal cues and understanding the importance of listening in building better dialogue. Active listening applied to customer care teams who often don’t get to meet customers face-to-face. Designed to help reduce customer complaint escalation, improve culture intelligence and increase skills in handling customer issues.

Better writing skills for customer service: Improving written skills through understanding structure, unspoken questions and how we use language and express ourselves. Helping customer service teams improve their writing skills to use across all customer channels.

Using tone of voice effectively in customer service: Explaining tone of voice and the part it plays in verbal and written communication. How tone can change customer perceptions and behaviour. Taking brand tone of voice and making it useful for customer service teams in their day-to-day work.

Expressing complex concepts to customers: Finding ways to structure and explain complex situations to customers to get better results. Focused on customer empathy and navigating through complex situations with customers to reduce complaints and improve understanding.

How we communicate – the principles of better customer communication: The common principles and methods of communication and how each has an impact on behaviour. Focusing on how to improve customer communication across post-sales material and conversations.

Resolving complaints with customers: Understanding how conflict starts, how to diffuse it and harness its power to get resolution. Improving first contact resolution from customer complaints and reducing the chance of negative feedback from poorly managed conflict resolution.

Empathy, trust and filters – better customer relationships: The importance of focus and empathy in communication to build trust – and how filters kill trust. Teaching emotional intelligence and empathy skills to customer service teams through engaging and practical training.

Non-verbal communication in customer care: How we communicate without saying anything and how it affects the way people behave. Focusing on front-line staff who are dealing with customer queries face-to-face on a daily basis and need to understand customer behaviour better.

Reading body language and projecting: The basics of body language – being aware of one’s own and picking up cues from others. Essential skills for front-line staff managing customers. How to use non-verbal communication to create situations that enable clear, effective dialogue.

The 5 essentials to good communication for customer care teams: A summary of the five key tools for effective communication – an overview for all audiences looking to enhance their communication skills with customers and improve their verbal and written communication skills.

Customer Service Training Projects

Projects we’ve worked on recently that included customer service training.

Think we can help?

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