Customer Complaint Handling Training Course

Course Overview

Smoother, more human customer complaint handling

Customer complaint handling training that empowers your team to handle complaints with confidence and improve first-contact resolution.

Having the skills to manage complaints effectively reduces escalation, improves satisfaction and increases customer loyalty. It also gives your customer care teams the empowerment to manage emotionally charged situations with confidence.


Human-centred complaint handling training

Our complaints handling course give your teams the insight and empowerment to handle every complaint with confidence.

Handling customer complaints is complex, hard work and stressful but absolutely crucial for customer care. Complaints are emotionally-driven and dent profitability and reputation, but they can really sap your morale too.

Our training course allows your teams to see things from the customers’ perspectives, (even when they’re not to blame for their complaint) and gives them the confidence, practical skills and practice you need to transform the way you handle them. You’ll feel assured that you have all the knowledge you need to balance your customer complaints with what your organisation needs.

Our complaints course is built on the issues your teams face everyday.

Updated for 2024

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Course content

Complaint handling training that shifts perspective

Understanding the background and context of complaints from the customers’ point of view is vital.  That’s why we begin with the structure of conflict – how it starts and escalates – allowing you to prevent, stop, limit and diffuse potential situations.

  • Depending on level of depth needed, we’ve run this course in half-day, full day or 2 day sessions.
  • We’ve delivered this course at client offices and offsite.
  • Course material is always included for you to take away and use practically and share with your teams.


Fewer escalations, better satisfaction and less stress for your teams

Based around the Think Human “K” Conflict Model℠ you’ll get practical insight into how to avoid conflict, best practices to avoid escalation and a range of methods to turn conflict from a negative into an opportunity to delight the customer.

  • A practical model for recognising conflict before it happens and how to avoid it in the first place.
  • Tools to handle customer conflict and complaints and ensure they don’t escalate.
  • An appreciation of how communication can be used to resolve issues around emotionally charged situations.
  • A step-by-step method to managing the emotional aspect of complaints.


Transform how your service teams write.

Engaging, human-centred online learning. Designed to empower service teams to change the way they write to customers.

Who would benefit

Managing complaints in a human, customer-focused way

Anyone who regularly has to deal with conflict or potentially volatile customer situations. This course is very effective for people in contact centres, executive offices and front-line teams who have regular contact with customers and queries. We can adapt the course for senior leadership and management too.

Teams we’ve run this course for

We’ve trained customer service teams from almost every industry to handle complaints better. Every course is bespoke, so it answers your questions and solves your problems.

  • Customer Service Teams
  • Social Media Complaint Handling
  • Technical Support Teams
  • Live Chat Service Support
  • On-boarding Teams
  • Compliance & legal teams
  • Debt recovery departments
  • Sales and account management
  • Renewal and contract teams
  • Specialist financial service teams

Our approach to complaint handling training

Bespoke complaint handling training

We’ll design the complaints course around the skills your teams need most – basing the course in the key areas your teams struggle with most.

Every team is different, so we build courses designed to fit with their needs. Whether it’s customer empathy, more confidence in dealing with difficult customers or ways of saying no nicely – we’ll design the course to fit their needs.

Run by specialists with years of experience in complaint handling: All our complaint courses are run by specialists who are working on live complaint-based improvement projects. That means we bring up to the minute approaches and best practice to our courses which we can then give to you and your teams.

We can also support you in the development of customer service communication including templates, knowledge bases, standard paragraphs and administrative customer content.

Think we can help?

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