Customer Service Communication Skills Training

Course overview

Customer service communication skills training to empower your service teams

This course will give your teams a solid foundation in customer-centred communication skills. Empowering them with the confidence, perspective and tools to communicate effectively with customers.

Better communication skills can transform how your customers see, react and behave towards you. Most importantly – they help customers stay with you.

Our communication skills course is built around the types of issue customer service teams encounter every day. Then tailor-made to fit your team’s needs exactly. Improve how you manage complaints and use tone of voice when writing to customers or dealing with complex or delicate situations.


Transforming communication skills for customer service teams

Better communication skills lead to better customer relationships

Learn powerful communication techniques that transform conversations with customers.

Get stuck sometimes when you’re communicating with customers? Want to sound less corporate but still professional?  Not sure how to phrase something or get a difficult point across? We give you and your customer service teams everything you need to transform the way you communicate with customers. You’ll learn the principles behind powerful writing and communicating – and see immediate changes in how customers react to you.

Our course gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to transform customer relationships. You’ll see the results quickly – often the same day.

Our training takes new, proven communication theory and makes it practical, giving you engaging and effective communication skills.

You’ll get an overview of the most important communication skills to use straight away when you’re working with customers.

Because we’re practitioners, not just trainers, we link powerful communication concepts to practical, everyday customer situations. So you’ll be able to start using your new skills immediately.

Updated for 2024

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Course content

Customer service communication skills that empower your team

Our course will give you confidence, knowledge and transform how you manage relationships with colleagues, customers and stakeholders.  You’ll see the results quickly through better, more powerful communication.

The course gives you powerful but subtle tools and approaches for more effective customer communication. Built around an engaging and understandable communication model, it explores how we communicate, why things sometimes go wrong and how to avoid the most common errors when you’re talking and writing to customers.

A selection of areas from our Customer service Communication Skills

Because the delegates on every course want different things from it, we keep the content as flexible as possible.  Some areas will include:

  • what to do before you even start communicating
  • the basics of communication
  • understanding how customers really understand
  • how being time poor makes it hard for customers to understand
  • why customers sometimes seem not to ‘get it’
  • how to structure an explanation so customers understand it
  • how to make the complex simple when you’re communicating
  • how to raise prices without losing customers
  • the importance of ‘why’
  • the Think Human K-conflict resolution model
  • giving people bad news without conflict
  • how to avoid conflict
  • answering the customer’s vital unspoken questions
  • what’s the best medium to use with which customers?
  • when to write and when to pick up the phone
  • building rapport authentically
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Confidence and perspective from customer service communication skills

Participants will learn the most important communication skills they can start using straight away.

Then, we link powerful communication concepts to practical, everyday customer situations so you’ll be able to start using new skills immediately.

  • Real confidence that you’re communicating effectively with customers at all levels
  • Practical skills that can be applied and measured immediately to improve the way you’re communicating with customers
  • An understanding and appreciation of the value of communication and the potential it has to build better customer relationships
  • A series of tools and approaches for dealing with difficult situations – and how to prevent them happening in the first place
  • Improved communications with colleagues too

Who would benefit

For teams who want to transform how they communicate

Designed for any member of a customer-facing team who wants to hone their communication skills and improve their interactions with customers. Specifically useful for contact centres and teams adopting new media channels to communicate with customers – where both verbal and written skills are essential to positive customer experiences.

Our approach

Customer service communication skills that transform relationships

We’ve trained customer care teams from almost every industry to communicate more effectively. Because every course is bespoke we gear it to your teams’ skill level and focus it on what matters most.

  • Call Centre teams
  • Customer Care departments
  • Accounts and debt teams
  • Front-of-house staff
  • Customer Service Management
  • Technical support teams
  • Contact Centres
  • Sales and account management
  • Renewal and contract teams
  • Specialist financial service teams

Co-designed communication training

Because every team is different, we co-design our courses with you. And because our trainers are all practitioners, we tackle the real world problems where your teams need help.

You get a course that suits you.  It can be about the fundamentals of communication to give you a solid, all-round understanding. Equally we can work through complex communication and nudge theory and help you apply it practically to sensitive or complex situations.

Run by experts in communication and customer care

Too many communication courses are overly general or so heavy with theory that it’s hard to use them practically. Customer care teams have to deal with a very particular set of issues and we build our courses to be relevant, practical – delivered by practitioners who are working on customer service projects everyday. You get up-to-the-minute, usable training that’s sourced in real life situations.

Length and structure of our communication skills training course

  • Depending on how much depth you need, we’ll run this course in half-day, full day or 2 day sessions.
  • We’ve delivered this course at client offices and offsite.
  • You get an experienced practitioner training you.
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