Human-centred customer service email training that empowers your teams to sound human, keep things easy for customers and avoid escalations with what they say and how they say it.

Emails that sound human, are easy to understand and make the right impression

Get the confidence to use email effectively with customers.  In many ways using email to look after customers is just the same as picking up the phone. In other ways, it’s profoundly different.  So you need the best of traditional customer care skills as well as a new approach that understands how email can profoundly impact how customers see you – and it’s not always what you say but how you say it. That’s what you get on this course.

Virtual courses Available

If, like many people at the moment, your teams are spread out or working from home we can deliver this course remotely. You’ll still get the same level of bespoke tailoring, relevant examples and interactive exercises – just using our flexible, online platform. If this is something you’d like to explore do let us know and we can talk through the options.

Customer service email training that makes you sound human

Understand how to use tone of voice, structure and language in email when you’re supporting customers. We’ll give you up-to-the-minute best practice on dealing with customers using email.

You’ll learn when to use email and when it’s better to just pick up the phone.  You’ll get customer-friendly structures to use in your replies and conversations and a knowledge of how customers really understand what you tell them.  You’ll also learn how important emotion is when you’re communicating with customers across email.


Transform how your service teams write.

Engaging, human-centred online learning. Designed to empower service teams to change the way they write to customers.

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Human-centred customer service email training

You’ll get practical insight into how to answer customer queries, deal with complaints, develop standard replies and measure success the emails you send.

  • characteristics of email – and why it’s very different from talking on the ‘phone
  • how to use email structure more effectively to make it easier for customers
  • getting your tone of voice right in email
  • matching and mirroring customers in digital media
  • common errors and how to avoid them
  • what emails are great for, and what they can’t do well

An empathetic perspective on emailing customers

  • A practical, hands-on course that explains how to use email effectively in customer care.
  • You’ll learn and understand current best practice for email.
  • Understand how tone of voice matters when you’re communicating with customers.
  • You’ll get the confidence to deal with customers using email.
  • You’ll be able to understand when to use email – and when not to.
  • You’ll learn how social and digital media are different from traditional media.
  • You’ll understand how important handling emotional aspects of customer reactions are in social media.

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For teams who want to make email simple, human and customer focused

Anyone who uses email to communicate with customers. We’ve designed this course for people in contact centres, executive offices and front-line teams who need to communicate with customers. We can adapt the course for senior leadership and management too.


  • Depending on level of depth needed, we’ve run this course in half-day, full day, 2 day or 5 day sessions.
  • We’ve delivered this course at client offices and offsite.
  • Course material is always included for you to take away and use practically and share with your teams.

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