Live Chat Training for Customer Support

Course Overview

Human-centred live chat training that empowers your care heroes

Bespoke live chat training for customer support and technical teams to give them the skills they need to chat like pros.

Empower your teams with skills, best practice and processes that make live chat an effective customer support tool. Designed around customer care and technical teams our training will give your teams the skills they need to make every conversation count.

Mastering live chat in customer care

Engaging, practical training to help your teams master live chat as an effective, human-centred customer support tool.

Live chat is one of the toughest customer services jobs. Your team members need to combine top-class phone skills with technical knowledge and the ability to write quickly and clearly.

Technical support staff in particular need to understand that a customer’s perspective, knowledge and way of interacting is very different from theirs.

That’s why our live chat course helps customer support and tech teams understand the way customers work and think first. Our course gets your team up to speed on effective written skills as well as showing them how to manage customer service, complaint and technical issues through live chat. Your team will learn foundational skills they can use in other areas too.

Updated for 2024

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Practical, hand-on training in live chat

Our customer care live chat training gives your teams the skills, confidence and approaches they need to use live chat as an effective and useful customer support tool.

Foundations to better live chat customer support

  • Beating tricky spelling and grammar problems
  • Structuring responses
  • Checking understanding
  • The dangers of assumption
  • Using page navigation in chat
  • Checking the customer’s knowledge level
  • Breaking down the complex to the simple
  • Using structure to help people understand

Chatting with customers

  • Importance of your role as a communicator
  • Where communication goes wrong
  • How people really communicate
  • How people really understand
  • The dangers of expert perspective when you’re dealing with customers
  • Why customers don’t know what you know
  • Customer emotion and how to deal with it

Tools and approaches

  • Characteristics of social media, livechat and email
  • How to be an expert without sounding like a nerd
  • How to use digital channels more effectively
  • Getting your social and digital tone of voice right
  • Matching and mirroring customers in digital media
  • Common errors and how to avoid them
  • Why digital is different from picking up the phone
  • Scenario planning for simple queries, complex queries, complaints and compliments
  • Developing better, human templated responses for frequent instructions and FAQs

Clear, human live chat your customers will understand

  • Current best practice for live chat and social media.
  • Understanding why tone of voice matters when you’re working with customers in live chat and how to use it effectively.
  • The confidence to deal with customers using social media and live chat.
  • Understanding when to use live chat – and when to pick up the phone or move to email.
  • How social and digital media are different from traditional media.
  • The importance of handling emotional aspects of customer reactions – in live chat particularly and social media in general.


Transform how your service teams write.

Engaging, human-centred online learning. Designed to empower service teams to change the way they write to customers.

Teams who want to be clear, human and empathetic in live chat

We’ve designed this course for:

  • customer support teams new to live chat
  • customer support teams who want to improve their live chat resolutions
  • technical support teams
  • managers of customer and technical teams who want to develop their skills

Bespoke training built to be practical and relevant

Totally bespoke

All our courses are bespoke – built around the needs of your teams and your customers.

Run by practitioners

Our live chat course is run by specialists who work on live chat projects.

Practical straight away

Less theory and more practical tools and approaches your teams can use straight away.

Lenght and structure of the course

  • Depending on level of depth and practice you need, we can run this course in half-day, full day or 2 day formats.
  • We can run the course at your office or offsite.

Did you know…

We’ve been official judges in the International Customer Management Institute Live Chat awards for the past three years running.

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