Human-Centred Service Excellence Training

Course Overview

A human-centred approach to customer service

A results-driven course to help your service heroes deliver customer service excellence in an increasingly complex environment.

You and your customer-facing teams need to be able to deliver customer service to customers who increasingly demand more, in less time and with less of their own involvement.  And today you need a lot more than just the basics…

You need to be able to engage customers, demonstrate empathy, delight them and resolve their queries effectively. And that’s exactly what our course gives you the skills and confidence to do. It shows you how focusing on the customer and their rational and emotional needs can transform your relationship with them.

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you interact with customers (or for customers) face-to-face, over the web, using digital channels or on the phone. We also cover communicating with customers, where understanding how to apply customer services skills makes the difference between engagement and failure.

Results-Driven Customer Service Course

Run by professionals with years of experience in customer-facing roles, this is an engaging, practical course. This course takes new theory and makes it interactive – we’ll explore the principles behind customer behaviour, then convert them into real-world examples using your current, live situations.

We’ll challenge the concept of customer service excellence and what it means for balancing the emotional needs of the customer with the results your business demands. You’ll learn how to manage customers in a way that’s effective, simple and natural.

It gives you tools – and confidence – you can use straight away in your day-to-day customer work.  You’ll quickly be interacting in a way that’s clear, understandable and human.  The course is right for anyone who interacts with customers as part of their job.

A selection of areas from our Customer Service Training Course

Because the delegates on every course want different things from it, we keep the content as flexible as possible. Some of the areas we’ll include:

  • What customer excellence means in today’s environment
  • The key principles behind customer service
  • How to use empathy to engage with customers
  • Build and use rapport to create customer relationships
  • How to turn complaining customers into new advocates
  • Why customer complaints may not be your fault – but they *are* your responsibility
  • How to manage complaints and conflict more effectively
  • How to respond to customers effectively on email, social media and on the phone
  • How to structure written replies to customers to avoid escalations
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Greater empathy and smoother customer relationships

  • A clear understanding of best practice in modern customer service.
  • Practical ways to apply theory in the real-world to remove ambiguity, promote clarity and bring simplicity.
  • Techniques and methods for complex or emotionally sensitive situations that won’t cause negative feedback.
  • How to deliver bad news to customers without ‘flare ups’.
  • An understanding of the impact different types of customer service has on customer relationships.
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