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Paying for a course by BACS

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If you’d like to pay for course by BACS or need payment to be handled by a central business team (like your accounts team) you can buy the course and select “Direct bank transfer” at checkout.

You won’t need to use any payment details and your order will be put “on hold” while you arrange payment.

This won’t give you immediate access to the course but you will receive an email invoice and payment details which you can pass on to the right team.

Once finds have cleared we’ll send you a confirmation email with details on how to log-in and get started.

How to pay by BACS

  1. At checkout, select “Direct bank transfer” as the payment option.
  2. Go through the standard payment process. We’ll send you an email invoice.
  3. Send this invoice to your accounts or central business team. Please use your order number as a reference for the payment.
  4. Once we’ve received your payment we’ll send you an email with access to the course.
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