Customer Experience in Property

Transforming Customer Experiences in Property

Transforming the way businesses in property engage with their customers

The Think Human team have over 30 year experience working within the property and housing sector – helping businesses engage with their communities and customers. We work across customer experience, customer communication and customer care training.

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better customer journeys
  • Simpler customer communication
  • Reduced customer queries and complaints
  • Better trained customer care teams
  • Working across property for better relationships

House Builders

We’ve helped some of the UK’s largest house builders improve customer experience, reduce complaints and create more engaged residents and communities. We’ve trained teams, streamlined processes and improved relationships.


We’ve worked with commercial and residential construction firms to engage with the wider community and improve outreach.

Property Management

We’ve worked in residential and commercial property management, reducing the costs of managing residents and tenants, smoothing processes and making debt management more effective. We’ve also worked on company-wide organisational change.

Commercial property

We’ve helped commercial property clients with sensitive communications to tenants, reduced their costs and made relationships smoother and easier.

Housing Associations

We support housing associations to bring more simplicity and humanity to the way they manage and care for their tenants. We train resident-facing teams, transform communication programmes and improve communication processes.

Property Services

We’ve trained teams in facilities management to improve their relationships with customers by simplifying process and language.

Customer Experience in Property Report

A report summarising the key findings we’ve gathered from working with our clients, focusing on how better customer relationships are changing the way firms in the property sector reduce costs, simplify processes and give better service.

Where we can help

Building better customer relationships for the property sector

Humanised Experiences

Designing more effective, customer-centric experiences through consultancy, strategy, journey mapping and process improvement. Better customer experiences that improve loyalty and reduce churn.

Simpler Communication

Working across every touchpoint to simplify, improve and transform your customer communication. Simpler customer-facing material that sounds more human, cuts cost and encourages loyalty.

Empowering Training

Specialist training designed for customer focused teams to empower them to improve customer relationships and master conversations across all your support channels.

Working with visionary clients to transform customer experiences

Customer experience is everything when you’re dealing with the places people live and work. Building better relationships with customers is becoming a deciding factor in long-term business performance.

We’re here to support businesses in the journey to customer-centric business improvement.

Helping clients focus on people, not properties

Better customer communication

Transforming operational communication to improve the welcome process for home owners.

A customer-centric culture

Supporting business-wide change to create a more customer-centric culture and simpler processes.

Auditing and Improvement

Developing better communication and rationalising administrative touchpoints across customer journeys.

Confident care teams

Training customer service teams to manage customer relationships effectively and improve confidence.

Training programmes

Business-wide training programmes for all customer-facing staff to support students and improve relationships.

Better writing skills

Supporting teams in better writing to customers and stakeholders to reduce complaints and improve NPS.

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