We’re in the Telegraph talking about Terms & Conditions

Everyone loves to hate terms and conditions – but what can you do?  Click and forget or read and die from boredom?

It’s clear that people are getting fed up with struggling through legal documents designed for lawyers, not customers.

Terms and Conditions and the customer experienceThe Telegraph’s Katie Morley picked up on the implications for Ts & Cs of the new Consumer Rights Act and got in touch.  She interviewed Mark, along with Ben Kingsley at lawyers Slaughter & May, for her article “It’s official: you don’t have to read the Ts & Cs”. He explained that most Ts & Cs are incomprehensible to customers and gave a list of the ten worst in the UK – packed with household names.

We’ve often written about terms and conditions and how firms seldom realise their relationship-building potential – it’s good to see them starting to get some attention.

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