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Training material to inspire your teams

We create training material to catalyse learning, fuel debate and create action for customer-focused teams.

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Fully customisable

As well as ready-made material we can customise any of our content with examples specific to your team.

Easy to use

All our material comes with a guide to help facilitate the conversation and agree on actions.


Designed to put the human back into service – and help teams manage the emotional sides of customer care.

Customer voice interviews

“What would our customers say if they were in the room right now?”

Hearing from customers directly is one of the most powerful ways to humanise customers and get their voices into the room with teams. They can be a powerful learning aid in helping teams understand what really matter to customers, and see a human side to them. 

Customer issue walkthroughs

“How did it happen, what can we learn and how do we make sure it doesn’t happen again”

Seeing situations play out, how everyone acted, and the chain of events that led to it can be a powerful learning aids to help teams see what they can learn in real-life examples (and take actions to prevent it in the future).

Team topic talks

“I need content that’s easy to use with my teams in short meetings, fuels debate and creates positive action”

A way for managers to engage their teams, and agree actions in short, focused team talks. When day-long training isn’t practical these topic talks are a useful way to get the team to focus on an area together and work on creating change.

LMS content development

“We need the latest thinking to make our LMS practical, engaging and thought provoking”

Keeping LMS material up-to-date and relevant can be a full time job. Use our existing material to add to areas and support teams in delivering the best service they can to customers. 

Bite-sized training modules

“We need bite sized training material we can use with our teams”

Similar to our team talk content but designed as self-directed training modules you can use within your own LMS or use ours. Focused on the topics that teams say are most useful to them, but designed to be bite-sized to fit with your teams’ time priorities.

Staff interviews & showcase

“We want new starters to hear from our staff on how they turn our values to life, and the part they all play in delivering an excellent services to customers”

Similar to customer interviews, but from the other side. A way to hear direct from staff how they help deliver an excellent service and welcome new starters to the business.

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