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Customer issue walkthroughs

A simple way to visualise the issues customers face and how to learn from them.

“How did it happen, what can we learn and how do we make sure it doesn’t happen again”

What are customer issue walkthrough videos?

A way to visualise customer issues and scenarios to see how they happened, the interplay between teams and the end result for customers. A powerful way to catalyse change in process, attitude and cross-team working.

Useful for

Showing the chain of events that led to a poor (or excellent) customer experience.

Seeing the chain of events, and interplay between teams, that led to a poor (or excellent) customer experience can be useful for teams. It helps them see the chain of decisions, behaviours and actions that led to an outcome.

Visualising the, often complex, process customer issues go through to find ways to simplify and improve.

It’s often difficult to explain the chain of events that led to a poor outcome for customers. Visualising the process can help make it real, and bring the situation to life for teams.

Working with teams to help improve and adapt their service or how they work with others.

Seeing how the interplay between teams can help or hinder the customer experience can be useful in building better cross-team working and greater empathy for the impact on customers.

How it works

1. Agree examples

We’ll agree the key themes or examples you want to demonstrate, and the key messages to get across.

2. Develop script

We’ll develop a script that works through the steps and points in an easy to understand way.

3. Create walkthrough

We’ll put together a draft walkthrough video and share this with you for comment.

4. Supply to you

We’ll finalise anything we need to change, render the video and send it to you in a format you can use in your system.

We’d spent a lot of time developing root-cause analysis models to understand how issues came about, but visualising it like this brought it to life for our teams and changed things for the better.

Head of Operations, National Housing Association

Example issues

A small selection of the kinds of issues we’ve worked on

Complex technical support cases

Cross-team communication breakdown

Going outside process to fix things quickly

Taking ownership of a customer issue

Keeping customers in the loop when it requires time to fix

Picking up the phone rather than emailing

Caring for vulnerable customers

Working with other teams to fix things

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