Short, action-focused conversations

Team Topic Talks

The material you need to run short, action focused topic talks on customer-focused areas.

“I need content that’s easy to use with my teams in short meetings, that fuels debate and creates positive action”

What are team Topic Talks?

All the material you need to run short, action-focused talks with your team on customer-focused topics. Video introductions, facilitator guides, reflective reviews and team action plans.

Useful for

Getting the whole team to focus on a specific area and work together on improving it.

Get your whole team to focus on a specific area, be it tone of voice, conflict resolution, response times, email language and explore it collectively. The Topic Talks are designed to fuel healthy, outcome-focused debate the team can action straight away.

Short so they can be used in regular team talks to give managers the tools they need.

Topic Talks area designed to last around 20 to 30 minutes, meaning they work well in existing team catch-ups and don’t need a full day of time to start making changes.

Use the time to self-reflect and agree a series of actions in a short, focused environment.

Give your teams the time to self-reflect and explore a topic together. Topic Talks are designed to fuel healthy, constructive debate, enable the team to reflect on where they are now and where they’d like to be.

What’s included?

Every Team Topic Talk pack comes with this material.

1. Introductory video

A short, focused introductory video that sets up the topic, explains why it’s important and how it can affect customers and teams.

2. Facilitator guide

A guide to use in the discussion with a range of questions, ideas and conversation starters to get things going.

3. Reflective review

A way for teams to critically reflect on where they are now, where they’d like to be and what might be getting in the way.

4. Action sheet

A way to capture actions and decisions from the session, and agree on the small, medium and large ideas generated.

It was immensely helpful to have all the material I needed to get the team talking, and more importantly reflecting, on how they could improve. It was refreshing for the team to be solving the problem together rather than being “told” what they should do. They actually asked for us to do one every month!

Customer Service Manager, National Charity

Topic Talks

We’ve developed over 300 topic talks in these areas.


How to communicate effectively with customers in a variety of situations.

Conflict resolution

Saying no nicely, deescalating anger customers, finding solutions to issues.

Cross-team working

Smoothing our relationship with other teams, improving communication.

Process improvement

Simplifying process, making it easier for customers to get what they want.

Complaint management

Managing complaints effectively, working with customers to fix things.

Tone of voice

How we sound when we talk and write, how our tone affects customer behaviours.

Email handling

How to write better email responses, keeping customers in the loop, when not to use email.

Reducing customer effort

How to make things easier for customers, how to reduce friction.

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