Get your customers in the room

Customer voice interview videos

A powerful training tool to inspire and engage your customer-facing service teams.

“What would our customers say if they were in the room right now?”

What are customer voice interview videos?

A way to get customers into the room with your teams. Soundbite interview videos with real customers where you (and your teams) can hear directly what they have to say.

Useful for

Putting customers “in the room” with teams.

Imagine how much time you’d save on internal discussions if you could cut directly to what customers are actually saying. Remove the barrier between your teams and your customers by getting their voice in the room.

Humanising customers and making their opinions real.

It’s not always easy to see customers as fellow humans when they’re hidden behind a screen or phone. Humanising customers, their needs and their views is a powerful way to get teams to see their side of the story.

Moving customer feedback away from slides and making them real people.

Charts and graphs don’t always capture the emotional side of customer feedback, making it harder to empathise and see where customers are coming from. Interviews make your customers real people, with real needs.

Seeing (very often) how little customers want – to be listened to, valued and kept in the loop.

Most customers just want a good service, to be treated with respect and for organisations to do what they say they’d do, when they said they’d do it. Hearing this directly from customers can be a useful tool in shifting the hearts and minds of teams and organisations.

How it works

1. Agree a plan

We’ll work with you to agree and enrol a selection of customers who are happy to be part of the videos, and fit the message you need to make.

2. What to ask

We’ll agree the series of questions we’ll ask every customer in a way that makes the most use of their time and adapted to fit your training needs.

3. Run interviews

We’ll run and record the videos*, then edit them together or separately in a series of soundbites. We can work on edits and changes together.

4. Supply to you

We’ll supply the videos and soundbites in a format you can use internally. You can always have more developed later.

*Rather that spend a lot of budget on production, we’ve found keeping the videos simple and real gives them greater impact and makes them feel authentic (rather than a marketing exercise). Customers are also far happier to chat when they’re comfortable, in their own environment and behind a screen.

We were really struggling to get teams to empathise with customers. Having their voice in the room completely transformed the conversation. It’s funny to see how a five minute video did what acres of feedback slides never did!

Head of Customer Services, Global Fintech

What questions have we asked customers?

A small selection of the kinds of questions we’ve asked customers

What does “excellent” look like to you?

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

What would make you feel valued?

What stops teams working well together?

What it comes to x service, what matters most?

What small act of thoughtfulness would make your day?

If we could do one thing to be easier to work with, what would it be?

Tell me about the last time we really impressed you.

If you could ask one thing of our whole organisation, what would it be?

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