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LMS content development

Working as your courseware development partner to create compelling, engaging material for customers-focused teams or organisation-wide programmes.

“We need the latest thinking to make our LMS practical, engaging and thought provoking”

How can we help with your LMS content?

Using our years of experience in learning content and training programmes to develop engaging material you can use in your LMS. Rich, thought-provoking LMS content development with a human-centred perspective.

Use us as your content partner to:

Add to your existing LMS in areas you know need more material.

We can develop bespoke material that fits with you industry, business structure and customer care strategy.

Incorporate exercises, videos and walkthroughs from expert in customer service and experience.

Add rich, engaging content to your LMS that changes hearts and minds. We’ve worked in customer experience for over 30 years and can bring our knowledge, insight and approach to your Learning Management System.

Refresh and update material to make it more relevant, engaging and thought-provoking.

We’ll take your existing material and enhance it, adding new insight, approaches and tools to make it relevant.

How can we help?

Areas where we can support you in LMS content development and wider programmes.

Bespoke content development

We’ll work with you to develop bespoke material specifically for your business and customer-focused need.

Templates and content library

Need something quickly? Choose from our existing templates and material, covering a wide range of service and customer focused topics.

Material refresh and update

Let us take your existing material and update it with new, engaging and up-to-date content.

Programme consultation

If you’re embarking on a wider LMS or organisational change programme – talk to us. We can work as your content development partner on all service-focused training material.

LMS health-check

Need to do a review of your current LMS offering to find cost effective ways to enhance and improve your material? We can

It was immensely helpful to have all the material I needed to get the team talking, and more importantly reflecting, on how they could improve. It was refreshing for the team to be solving the problem together rather than being “told” what they should do. They actually asked for us to do one every month!

Customer Service Manager, National Charity

Engaging LMS content development

We’ve developed LMS and learning content in areas like this.


How to communicate effectively with customers in a variety of situations.

Conflict resolution

Saying no nicely, deescalating anger customers, finding solutions to issues.

Cross-team working

Smoothing our relationship with other teams, improving communication.

Process improvement

Simplifying process, making it easier for customers to get what they want.

Complaint management

Managing complaints effectively, working with customers to fix things.

Tone of voice

How we sound when we talk and write, how our tone affects customer behaviours.

Email handling

How to write better email responses, keeping customers in the loop, when not to use email.

Reducing customer effort

How to make things easier for customers, how to reduce friction.

We’ve created topic talks for human-centred brands like these

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