Voice of the Customer Programmes

Voice of the customer programmes that help you listen to, and really understanding, what matters to your customers.


Find the right solution for your and your customers to collect insight.


Find. the hidden insight and themes which really matter to your customers.


Give your teams the insight they need, in a way that works, to make sustainable change.

Truly hearing the voice of your customers

What really matters to your customers? What do they value about your service most? And what really grinds their gears? Understanding what your customers are saying and putting that insight into action can give you focus, drive improvements and bring departments together under a common cause.

We help you avoid the common pitfalls of developing a sustainable voice of the customer programme – building strategies that give you insight into ways to improve and where you can bring the most value to customer relationships.

A voice of the customer programme that really listens

Genuinely hearing what your customers have to say

Customers are bombarded with requests for feedback, but all too often VoC programmes fail to deliver the change the could have. Our only focus is to find the right mix of approaches, channels, questions and analysis to give you the answers you need to make change for the better. We’re not a technology firm so we’re completely neutral in the type of approach we develop.

Segmenting your audience: Knowing who to target and how they’ll most likely respond is key to a successful VoC programme. We’ll work with you to explore the best way to engage with your audience based on their preferences and behaviours.

Finding the right mix: We can help you blend the right kind of feedback and interview channels to get the most valuable insight back. Whether that’s online, face to face, in-depth interviews or in-store surveys.

Feedback in the moment: Do you remember what you had for lunch last Tuesday? Your customers probably don’t either. That’s why asking the right thing at the right time is critical to getting the insight and answers you need. Based on your service we can create inventive ways to engage with customers at the right time.

Designing for better feedback: Our approach helps you navigate past the common issues with feedback programmes to bring real insight into where to improve. All to often it’s not just what’s asked but how it’s asked.

Real-time and historical feedback: All too often, by the time you have your answers, it’s too late. Although there’s value in feedback methods that take time to compile they’re difficult to act on in the moment. The true value in VoC programmes is where insight can lead to immediate improvements and changes.

Turning feedback into action: An effective Voice of the Customer programme does more that collect data – it puts actionable insight into the hands of the people who can make change quickly. We support you and your teams in delivering improvement programmes based on customer insight.

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Analysis that delivers meaningful, customer-focused change

Finding the common threads through the data

Most businesses are already drowning in data – but finding the common threads and narratives and using these to drive change are what really matters. If you’re trying to find the insight in a sea of data we can help – from bringing disparate data sources together to interpretation and recommendations.

Collating: Customer data is often disparate, owned by multiple departments and stored in different locations. That makes it difficult to collate and interpret effectively. It can also seem like a mammoth task to bring everything together. We can support you in linking these datapoints together, bringing together a unified view of feedback.

Categorising and themes: What are the common threads that run through your customer feedback? What do your customers continually say matters most to them? These are the sorts of questions that can help you drive real change but are often difficult to codify. We can support you in categorising your feedback to give you and other teams a clearer picture of what your customers are saying.

Root cause analysis: Your customers don’t see your operations and process – meaning there’s often a disjoint between the feedback they give and zeroing in on the root causes behind it. Root cause analysis can be an effective way of uncovering the, often varied, factors in operations that impact the customer’s experience.

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Voice of the customer programmes that engage everyone in change

Turning feedback into action and “closing the loop”

Feedback doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t turned into actionable improvements in the way you deliver your journeys, services, products, processes and touchpoints. This often involves engaging with a range of departments and working with them to drive change. Most importantly it’s about giving teams or departments access to clear, actionable insight they can do something with.

Insight access: Designing ways for your teams to easily access the customer insight and information they need quickly.

Creating stories to share: Turning information into compelling stories that help drive change with your teams.

Developing tools: Tools or dashboards that give high level visualisations and summaries to help you drive change.

Engaging with teams: Designing change programmes where you need to align closely with other teams or stakeholder groups – making them part of the change.

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