Human, clear and more effective writing to customers

Writing to Customers

Helping organisations improve how they write to customers across all their channels, while empowering your teams with the tools to make their writing clearer, easier to act on and more human.

Writing to customers
Updated for 2024

Try our Think Human Writing Course

Online and self-directed writing course for teams and individuals. 30 years of experience – condensed into one, online course. 5 hours of video, 33 unique lessons, 45+ video guides.

We empower teams and organisations to sound human, clear and easy to understand.

We do it through writing training that transforms how teams write and think, proven writing tools that keep the learning alive and template development to turn your standard communication into effective ways to delight customers.

Transforming how companies write to their customers

We’ve helped all sorts of human-centred brands improve how they write to their customers

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A human approach to writing to customers

The way you write to customers, across all your channels and teams, affects how they see, react and feel towards you.

We help organisations transform how the write to customers with a human-focused approach, new thinking and the tools to make your writing effective.

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Writing Training

Writing to Customers Training

Empowering, confidence building and perspective changing. Training that can change how your teams are writing to customers and, in turn, transform how customers see and react towards you.

Work with Think Human to develop writing training for your teams that give them a new perspective and greater confidence when writing to customers. 

How our writing training can help your teams

Writing to Customers Training Course

Online or face to face. Our writing course for customer-focused teams. Build the confidence and perspective to write effectively to customers – and learn the tools to make it sustainable.

Customer Complaint Handling Training Course

Tone of Voice for Writing to Customers

It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it. Tone of voice is one of the most underutilised but important aspects of writing to customers. It has the potential to enhance or destroy relationships and it is often hard to get right in written material. This course is designed to help teams master their tone of voice and use it to build relationships with customers and colleagues.

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Live Labs – Real Time Document Editing

A new twist on a day’s training. We’ll work with your team to work on real, live documents they’re working on and apply our human-centred thinking. They’ll get to learn while doing and you’ll get a suite of material you can use straight away at the end of the day. We’ve run Live Labs for customer service teams, technical teams, HR teams, Legal teams, IT teams and so many more.

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Writing Training Modules & Micro-learning

Boost your existing writing skills material with our library of tools, techniques and approaches to better writing. Choose the modules that work best for you, or have us develop a suite of custom training modules.

Get in touch and we’ll send you more information.

Bespoke Online Writing Course

Want us to produce a bespoke, online course just for you and your teams? No problem. We’ll work with you to develop a course you can use across your business, combined with our expertise and real-life examples from your business.

Develop one, high-quality course to integrate into your LMS (or we’ll host it for you) and you can use it across your whole business and with new starters.

Writing Tools

Tools for Writing to Customers

Helpful, practical tools to help your teams write more effectively. Developed around the most common and useful ways to build confidence, write clearly and maintain a customer-focused perspective.

Service Team Online Learning Learning journal

Keep training alive, refresh skills regularly and make continuous improvement part of business as usual. Tools developed from our experience with teams and organisations of all types – all designed to make writing to customers easier, more effective and human.

How it works

Choose tools from our selection

We have a wide range of customer writing tools you can choose from. All built from our years of experience.

Customise for your team

If you’d like, we can take our base tools and customise them for your team and sector, adding real examples.

Launch with your teams

We’ll build a launch event to run through the tools with your teams, or a drip feed campaign over a few weeks.

Some of our most popular writing tools

Pick and choose the tools you want, or have us develop your own suite

Writing to Customers 2 Expert vs Non Expert Think Human

Expert Vs Non-Expert

What happens when you’re an expert writing to non-experts. How to turn complex writing into clear, simple messaging.

Writing to Customers 2 Empathy Think Human 1

Empathy in your writing

Ways to show genuine concern and interest when writing to customers and colleagues.

Writing to Customers 2 Complex Stuff Think Human 2

Making complex stuff simple

How to get complex messages, processes and updates across simply and easily. Simpler ways to structure your information.

Writing to Customers 2 Passive Voice Think Human 3

Curse of the Passive Voice

Why the passive voice makes understanding difficult, how to spot it and what to start doing about it.

Writing to Customers 2 Expectations Management Think Human 4

Managing Expectations

Ways to manage expectations and keep things clear when writing to customers and colleagues. Fewer queries and disappointments.

Writing to Customers 2 Tone of Voice Think Human 5

Getting Tone Right

It ain’t what you say, it’s how you say it. Getting tone of voice right when communicating with customers and colleagues.

Letter & Email Templates

Writing to Customers Templates & Frameworks

Work with us to transform your written templates into clear, customer-focused and human-sounding communication. Aligned, human written templates across letters, email and CRM.

Partner with Think Human to review your current templates, find ways to streamline, and develop more customer-friendly material across all your written channels.

Customer Service Templates

Turn your customer service written templates into brand-aligned, human and helpful material. We’ll simplify and streamline your template archives, write more engaging and simpler material – then train your teams to start using them.

Financial and Debt Recovery Templates

Turn your financial and debt-based templates into clear, actionable and human-sounding material. We’re able to reduce complaints and increase debt recovery by making your written communication sound less intimidating, more action-focused and increase the likelihood of customers doing what you ask.